Nursing Courses

Nursing Courses


Nursing is involved in almost every field of healthcare, and nursing practitioners have a significant impact on it. They are an important link in the process of connecting patients to doctors. doctors do not do all the duties; nurses are responsible for pre-and post-operation operations They are also an asset to the medical profession in the form of assisting physicians in a number of procedures and procedures. They keep an eye on charts and stay on top of treatments.

Nursing is a crucial part of medical science offering a wider scope of knowledge to help nursing professionals grow and evolve. Considering that healthcare is a fundamental need has remained so through the ages, the world of nursing forms the foundation of this entire healthcare industry. Nursing students have different course options to choose from. Students of diploma and postgraduate studies have several options, starting with the diploma programmes and continuing on to the postgraduate programmes. Nursing is one of the most common occupations people decide to choose. This is an excellent opportunity for individuals to work with the health sector while serving the needs of those in need. Practically speaking, nursing students are provided with sufficient instruction during their schooling. They have been trained to work with highly challenging and risky situations.

ANM2 Years
GNM3 years – 3.5 years
Advanced Diploma in Ophthalmic Care Management2 Years
Diploma in Home Nursing1 Year
Diploma in Emergency and Trauma Care Technician2 Years
Diploma in Nursing Administration3 Years
Diploma in Neuro Nursing2 Years
Diploma in Health Assistant (DHA)1 Year
Certificate course in Ayurvedic Nursing1 Year
Certificate in Home Nursing1 Year
Certificate in Maternal and Child Health Care (CMCHC)6 Months
Certificate in Care Waste Management (CHCWM)6 Months
Certificate in Primary Nursing Management (CPNM)1 Year

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